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DTI’s PPI panel comprises individuals with lived experience of dementia (either in a personal or caring capacity) and advocates for dementia research, dementia trials in particular. Together, DTI and its PPI panel work closely to develop the network to be an impactful agent for change, particularly in relation to increasing national trial activity, infrastructural capacity, and participatory opportunities for people with dementia in Ireland.

The importance of this work was recognised recently at the Alzheimer Association International Conference, held 16th – 20th July in Amsterdam. DTI was invited to present at one of AAIC’s prestigious ‘Featured Research Sessions’.

DTI’s presentation included a video featuring some of its PPI panel members entitled ‘I am PPI, We are PPI‘. The presentation spoke to the mission of the network and the value and benefits of harnessing PPI to support the growth and development of the Network. Individual PPI contributors spoke to their particular contribution to DTI and/or their thoughts on the value of the Network. The video was supported by footage and photos recorded on the day of the Network launch and featured ‘A River Rolls On’ composed by DTI PPI panel member, Mike Hanrahan.